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To place orders or request a quotation, please contact Frances at 02 9430 3331

*Prices are subject to change as are certain items depending on availability.

petite breakfast

Assorted mini muffins, mini croissant plain and ham/cheese, mini danishes (minimum 6pp)


healthy breakfast

Fresh fruit platters with muesli and assorted yoghurts (minimum 6pp)


mixed breakfast platters

Muffins, sweet breads, plain and filled croissants with fresh fruits and yoghurt (minimum 6pp)


Sweet breakfast

An assortment of cakes, slices, fruit tarts, biscuits and cookies (minimum 6pp)


Breakfast Wrap and Roll Combo

Scrambled bacon, egg, spinach wraps with aioli drizzle and romano roll with poached egg, mushrooms, avocado (minimum 6pp)


Gluten free breakfast

Gluten free muffin and seasonal fruit salad with low fat yoghurt (minimum 3pp)


Please note minimum of one dozen per item and 24 hours notice.Some items subject to availability.For further suggestions/ideas please speak to Frances or Jason.

Tender Fish Cocktails (doz)


Mini Spring Rolls (doz)


Lamb & Rosemary Mini Pies (doz)


Chicken & Leek Mini Pies (doz)


Mini Sausage Rolls (doz)


Haloumi, Zucchini, Pumpkin Stack w pesto (doz)


Tandoori Chicken Flowerette w mint yoghurt dressin (doz)


Thai Noodle Individual Basket (Veg or Chicken) (each) (MINIMUM 6)


Smoked Salmon w wasabi mayo crostini (doz)


Mini Lamb Souvlaki (doz)


Chicken & Vegetable Skewers (doz)


Pinko Crust Baby Mushroom with aioli (doz)


Chicken & Caramelised Onion Quesadilla (doz)


Mini Hamburger (doz)


Mini Hot Dog (doz)


Honey & Soy Chicken Drumette (doz)


Fruit Platter

A selection of seasonal fruits served chilled. (Per person. Minimum of 6 people)


Cheese Platter

A selection of premium cheese served seasonal fruit & nuts, water crackers and garnished with strawberries, kiwi fruit or passionfruit. (Per person. Minimum of 6 people)


Choose from a large selection or make a special request.Salad Bowls$80 (up to 10 people)$150 (up to 20 people)


Chicken Caeser

Thai Chicken Noodle

Lamb & Haloumi


Three Bean & Artichoke


Pumpkin & Green Bean

Roasted Vegetable & Cous Cous

Falafel & Lentil

Tuna Pasta Salad

Chicken & Avocado

Asian Style Coleslaw

Baby Beetroot, Ricotta & Semi Dried Tomatoes

Tuna Nicoise

Fatoush Salad


Basic Sandwiches

sliced white,multigrain and wholemeal breads filled with our freshest ingredients and combinations 1 per person


Wraps galore

Tortilla wraps,Lebanese pocket breads with tantalising fillings cut in half



Italian style rustic bread filled with a variety of ingredients



traditional sourdough with delicious fillings


Mixed Bread Combo Platters

A mixture of wraps,ciabatas and sourdough breads with mouthwatering fillings


A selection of freshly made sushi & nori rolls,served with soy & wasabi.Includes a variety of seafood, meat & vegetarian options

Sushi Regular 40-45 Piece Pack


Sushi Large 60-65 Piece Pack


Single Nori Roll Cut into three


Vietnamese Prawn Rice Rolls